NuttZo Power Balls

Power Fuel NuttZo Power Balls

As you know we LOVE Power Fuel Nuttzo healthy ball recipes and this one does not disappoint! Take these delicious snack bites to another level by adding Chocolate Power Fuel Nuttzo on top. It is a WIN WIN! Try them out and let us know what you think! ENJOY!

Superfood Trail Mix Cookie

Power Fuel NuttZo Superfood Trail Mix Cookie

We can NEVER say no to cookies, especially ones that have our delicious Power Fuel Nuttzo mixed in. Make sure to whip up these healthy and delicious cookies made by shut the fig up as soon as possible. Let us know how they turn out and feel free to send us any to taste test. ENJOY!

Chocolate-Dipped Date Bombs (Vegan, GF, Paleo)

Chocolate-Dipped NuttZo Date Bombs (Vegan, GF, Paleo)

Packed with complete protein, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats, these date "bombs" are the perfect addition to your healthy routine! Thanks be to our #NuttZoFANATIC Hungry Haley for creating a sweet-tooth satisfying treat and snack. Keep them paleo by using our Power Fuel crunchy nut butter, or make them your own with Peanut Pro crunchy. Oh, and don't forget to use Eating Evolved chocolate bars! Let us know what you think!

Triple Chocolate Banana Ice Cream (Vegan, GF, Paleo)

Triple Chocolate NuttZo Banana Ice Cream (Vegan, GF, Paleo)

Need another sweet, cool treat? This banana ice cream comes from our #NuttZoFANATIC Hungry Haley, and is made with our new Chocolate Power Fuel nut butter and DrinkRAU Semi-Sweet Cacao Superfood drink. Who knew such a creamy, chocolatey dessert could be vegan, gluten-free, and paleo?! Whip up a batch and let us know how you like it!

Almond Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches (Vegan, GF(

Almond Oatmeal Raisin NuttZo Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches (Vegan, GF)

Another recipe by our #NuttZoFANATIC Hungry Haley, these cookies are perfect for a sweet, cool summer treat! They're made with our Power Fuel Smooth nut butter and NadaMoo Creamy Coconut dairy-free ice cream, and are completely gluten-free and vegan. Give them a try and let us know what you think!


NuttZo Raw Chocolate Swirl Cheesecakes

Are you looking for some fun recipes to try with the NEW Chocolate Power Fuel NuttZo? We think that you will LOVE this recipe by our #NuttZoFANATIC Hungry Haley! These little cheesecakes would be perfect for a afternoon snack or a after dinner treat. They are gluten free and vegan. Make sure to let us know how your delicious cakes turn out and ENJOY!

NuttZo Vegan Whole Wheat Cinnamon Rolls

NuttZo Vegan Whole Wheat Cinnamon Rolls

Are you looking for a healthier and more satisfying recipe for cinnamon rolls? Cinnamon Rolls are a delicious treat to have on the weekends with a cup of coffee and to just relax. This recipe by our good friend Hungry Haley takes cinnamon rolls to a whole new level of deliciousness. We hope you will try them out one weekend soon. ENJOY!

Chunky Monkey Banana Bread

Chunky Monkey Peanut Pro NuttZo Banana Bread

We think the title of this recipe says it all! Another delicious recipe by our Nuttzo Fanatic friend shut the fig up. So friends it is time to start baking this delicious bread and make sure to save us a slice. Try not to eat it all in one sitting! ENJOY!

Peanut Pro NuttZo Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Peanut Pro NuttZo Chocolate Chunk Cookies

We can never say NO to chocolate chip cookies! And when they are made with Peanut Pro Nuttzo...YES PLEASE! Grab a big glass of cold milk and ENJOY!

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