Our SECOND Trip To The Peruvian Orphanage

The NuttZo Team recently returned from their second trip to Cusco, Peru, where 10 other women from California, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania, volunteered at a local orphanage, that is supported by Project Left Behind.


The goal of this trip is to volunteer at one of the orphanages and also INSPIRE the group with a number and tours and stops over the seven days that they are in Peru. “This group was amazing; everyone was so eager to work. There was some serious labor involved and we got a ton accomplished.” – Danille LiVolsi


The group volunteered at the Semillas de Jesus orphanage in Urubamba, a small private orphanage established three years ago by a retired professor from Cusco that’s home to 22 children ages 8-17. The women planted a vegetable garden, built a stone floor/foundation for a bike shed, and made a lasagna dinner for the children.


“We know many of the people who join us are probably feeling pretty burned out from their life and responsibilities at home,” Dougherty said. “We want the trip to be rejuvenating, fun, and rewarding on many levels, so we take time to have some amazing meals together, take cervesa (beer) breaks, and of course marvel at the grand finale of Machu Picchu at the end of the week. Because of this balance of work and play, the group organically bonds and develops friendships that last beyond the seven days. It’s pretty special.” – Shel Dougherty


ESCAPE2017 to Cusco, Peru is set for April 23-30, 2017. Space is limited and registration will begin August 1, 2016. For more information and to be placed on the Wish List for updates, go to