The oils found in dark chocolate or coconut products solidify in cool climates or when refrigerated. You may see solid looking oil in the shape of small white spheres in your NuttZo—this is natural!

NuttZo is all natural, so the oils do separate. The process of oils and solids separating, known as syneresis, is completely safe. It’s just really irritating. Before you dump the oils down the drain (Please don't! These oils are the good kind for your body) we have some easy tips to stir your product.

1. If the oils have separated and solidified in the winter months (it can look white and clumpy at the top), submerge your jar in very hot tap water for 15-30 minutes. 
2. Next, use a butter knife to make holes in the nut butter paste. The nut butter paste will start to combine back into the oils. Once you’ve knocked all the paste into the oils stir into a creamy butter (this may take patience and some muscles - but it's worth it!). 
3. Refrigerate or store in cupboard lid-side-up once opened and stirred. No need to stir again. (You must stir the product before you refrigerate)

OR - Use one beater in a hand mixer or an immersion hand blender to blend the oil and nut butter back together.

OR - Flip the jar every other day before opening. This will begin the process for you on its own!

Don't forget - to avoid messy oils spilling out of the jar: store your unopened jar upside down. This lets the oil settle to the bottom of the jar and the nut butter solids stay on top. When you’re ready to spread, turn it right-side up and open the lid slowly. The majority of the oil should be on the bottom of the jar. 

Give your nut butter a good stir and the solids will melt back into a liquid. Enjoy your NuttZo!