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Thank you Eat This, Not That for ranking us #3 in your recent top 10 list of peanut butter review! We are honored to be ranked so high on the list. How did they determine which peanut butter was the best? It was based on nutrition, clean ingredients, appearance and consistency, and of course TASTE!

So what did Eat This, Not That have to say about our Peanut Pro Smooth

Eat This, Not That! Verdict:

“We appreciate that this organic nut butter required minimal stirring compared to other hydrogenated oil-free brands, but be aware that this spread is definitely not your average PB—nor is it priced liked one. And although sunflower seeds are the second to last ingredient, their flavor was most noticeable. If you’re willing to shell out a $20 bill for a jar, we approve.”

Make sure to read the full article HERE and see how the other peanut butters compared!

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