These Are The Best Keto Butters On Amazon

Thank you Men’s Journal for including us in your recent survey of the BEST Keto Butters on Amazon! There are definitely a lot of Keto-friendly nut butters on the market right now, but we LOVE that Men’s Journal included us as one of their favorite options on Amazon that are keto-friendly, beloved by reviewers, and cover a variety of taste preferences.

So what did they say about our Keto Butter?!?!

“This nut butter is super crunchy and perfect not just for Keto, but for other diets as well. It’s vegan-friendly as well. But for those looking for a crunchy nut butter, this mixture of coconuts, brazil nuts, almonds, pecans, macadamia, flax seeds, chia seeds, and some Celtic sea salt will sate any craving.” – Men’s Journal

Make sure to purchase your Keto Butter jar on Amazon and ENJOY all the benefits that our NEW Keto Butter has to offer.