Refrigerated Bar Set Grows with New Players

The time is almost here, for the official launch of the NEW NuttZo Bold BiteZ bars! If you have not heard the news make sure to read more about the bars in the latest Project Nosh article HERE. We are so excited to add this new addition to the NuttZo lineup.

The bars incorporate grass-fed collagen and pea protein, as well as cacao nibs and rice crisps for texture. The line will be available in two flavors, Power Fuel + Collagen and Peanut Pro + Collagen, which is expected to retail for $2.59 to $2.99. Two additional vegan BiteZ flavors are expected to launch in early 2018.

“Now more than ever consumers are learning that eating small, portable and nutritionally dense snacks keeps you energized throughout the day with no crash or ‘hangry’ moments,” Livolsi said. “On top of these trends, our loyal fan base have been asking us to create a handheld snack item using our yummy nut butter. By entering the bar category, we can satisfy not just our awesome fans, but also attract new customers by capitalizing on these trends.”

Thank you again, Project Nosh for featuring NuttZo!