REAL NuttZo Fuel Bites

Our NuttZo athletes are at it again! And guess what helped Gwen get through his recent 100 mile race…NuttZo of course! This running couple is always inspiring us with their hard work, dedication, and passion for traveling and running the world. They also take NuttZo wherever they go, to help them stay fueled on their adventures and we LOVE to follow their journey.

On Gwen’s recent amazing accomplishment, Katie made these NuttZo Power Fuel bites to help him stay fueled on his run. The recipe is jam-packed with essential nutrients to help him tackle all those miles and he LOVED them.

“He said that he was so happy I made these fuel bites on a whim, because for some reason it was the only thing that he craved and could eat.” 

Make sure to find the recipe HERE and to read about Gwen’s 100 mile race HERE! We hope that you will try these delicious bites and take them on your next adventure…wherever that may be! ENJOY!