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Dietary changes – as noted above, Marissa’s diet (she gave me a few days’ food journal) is out of nutrient balance though she’s doing a good job of eating frequency. We reviewed the AKA menu worksheet and discussed how for optimal energy we want to “pit stop” with balanced eating occasions about every three hours. I advised her to aim for one to two servings of carbs, protein and healthy fats plus unlimited vegetables at each eating occasion. This means instead of three waffles with butter and honey for breakfast, try one waffle (I recommended Natures Path–a company I work with–because they are organic, which means food only, not food and chemicals) with one or two tablespoons of nut butter (I recommended NuttZo–a company I work with–because it’s organic and provides flax seeds for fiber and Omega 3 fatty acids) for protein and healthy fat, as well as 1/2-cup organic blueberries for extra sweetness, fiber and antioxidants. And did I mention that the TV anchor and crew each ate up our breakfast samples (“Oh they’re soo good!”) immediately on finishing the segment? Check back and read Marissa’s blogs here onHuffPost Living and follow her on Twitter to see if she likes this energy-enhancing breakfast option–and let us know if you try it too.