HelloWellness and Lita Lewis Event

On Thursday, September 13th, NuttZo had the honor to keep all the attendees of the HelloWellness event in Chicago fueled with our Bold BiteZ and a few giveaway winners the chance to take home our NEW Keto Butter. The event took place at Low Res Studio, which was a stunning space. Everyone enjoyed a challenging BootCamp class followed by dinner and a discussion!

The BootCamp was led by Lita Lewis, a Health Coach that believes “fitness and health isn’t about being skinny or curvy, it’s about being the best version of yourself. That means honoring your body by leading an active lifestyle, fueling yourself with whole nutritious foods, and finding time to rejuvenate your mental and spiritual peace.” –Lita Lewis

We loved that all 50 attendees were able to get in a great workout, be inspired, and stay fueled by NuttZo!

Photos by – Ashley Galminas