Healthy Back to School Snacks |

I’m a sucker for new food trends, but I usually wait to see what sticks–and what I really like, of course–before spreading the word. Let’s face it, not every new food product is worth reporting (looking at you, green ketchup). Sometimes, though, not-to-miss food trends emerge from the fray. I recently caught on to four that I think parents should know about, just in time for back to school snacks.

Some of these brand new foods may be hard to find in your local supermarket, but everything listed here–with one exception that I just couldn’t resist–is available online and seriously worth your consideration. I know, because my kids and I tried every one. Sharing these food trends means healthier, tastier snack options for our families and supporting the indie companies that make them, so this time I’m jumping on the bandwagon and bringing you with me.