Healthy Airplane Travel Food Tips by 2 Healthy Fit Vegans

So what do 2 Healthy Fit Vegan’s pack when they travel? Our NuttZo 2GO Packets of course!!!

Katie and Gwen, young plant-based adventurers, are taking on endurance challenges all around the world that require to push the limits of what is physically and mentally possible to inspire people to plant-positive change! Through their adventures, they document every part of it, from the preparation/planning to the realisation of it. A media crew captures their journey, and the documentaries / short films made are screened through social media and social events in North America, Europe and Australia, and reach thousands of people.

They recently wrote a great blog post on how they stay healthy and fueled when it comes to traveling at airports, that do not have much of a selection for vegans. NuttZo 2GO Packets to the rescue! Our packets are the perfect size to travel with, when jumping on airplane to your next adventure. Pack a apple, banana, or rice cakes and you are good to go until you reach your destination!

Make sure to read the full blog post HERE and learn more about this inspiring couple and make sure to follow them on their incredible journeys around the world!