Primo Nut Butter brand a great outdoor ‘energy food’

April 19, 2013, 9:12 am / Categories: Food / Hydration

Eat-out-of-the-jar good NuttZo has been a go-to fuel for us at GearJunkie as of late. The nut/seed butter concoctions come in upside down jars (so the oil settles and is easily stirred in when you right the container to eat) and offer a natural/kosher/vegan energy food option.

Spoon it out and eat plain (it’s that good) or add to a banana, apple, or bread for a sandwich. We love all the mixes, but the NuttZo CHOC stood out with its peanut butter base, chocolate chips (organic cocoa liquor included!) cashews, almonds, Brazilian nuts, sunflower and flax seeds. . . you get the picture. Good.

NuttZo jars are upside-down for a reason

The original and chocolate flavors cost $12.99 a jar but are worth the premium over a jar of Skippy or Peter Pan if you’re into the nut-butter diet.

We’ve long relied on nut butters in the outdoors, be it eaten straight or on pre-made sandwiches or tortillas. Quick energy it is not — you need to stick with gels and higher sugar foods for that. But nut butter offers a meal-like option out there to get a bulk of calories and fat in quickly on the move.

NuttZo is a new go-to alongside other favs like Justin’s Nut Butter, Nutella, and, of course, our neighborhood co-op’s self-serve vats of peanut butter bought by the pound.

—Stephen Regenold