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Thank you Bonnie Taub-DIX, RDN for mentioning NuttZo in your recent article on everyday HEALTH titled “4 Healthy Food Products You’ll Be Eating Next Year”! Bonnie is Director and Owner of BTD Nutrition Consultants, LLC, with offices on Long Island and in New York City where she has been counseling individuals, including many celebrities and dignitaries, as well as groups for more than thirty years. She is a motivational speaker and an advisor to global corporations, food companies, and media outlets devising wellness programs, creating captivating media messages, conducting workshops, and providing interviews.

Bonnie attended the Summer Fancy Food Show in New York City a few weeks ago and tried NuttZo!

everyday HEALTHYou can read the full article here and read more about the other foods that she recommends you try this year. Thanks again Bonnie for the mention and so happy to hear that you are nuts for NuttZo!