Raised on 140 wooded acres in the middle-of-nowhere Pennsylvania
made for some pretty out-of-the-box thinking.

Danielle and her sister grew up riding horses, climbing trees and chasing big dreams.

Big ones. Like running away to the redwoods in California (which they did 20 years later!) and dancing on Dance Fever (uhg hmm… which they’re still working on…)

With a father who was part pioneer + part cowboy and a fun-loving mom, bare feet and big dreams were not only accepted they were expected. And so was hard work. A lot of hard work. Danielle’s parents built their house themselves…at 24 years old!

So work was never a question.

Neither was food.

Not always the healthiest choices… but a love of food nonetheless.

Danielle loved to cook from a young age and was always creating and making a mess in the kitchen.

Danielle and Shel growing up

Fast forward 30 years…Danielle was still creating and making a mess of the kitchen… this time in her home in sunny San Diego, California, for her 2 boys she and her husband adopted from the Ukraine.

Now health conscious and a self-proclaimed foodie, Danielle was creating for a purpose – to super boost these small bodies which were severely nutrient deficient.

The only hitch…they were incredibly picky little boys!

Danielle blended and mixed and experimented ad nauseam in her food processor,

until she remembered her childhood favorite back on those 140 acres: peanut butter!

Except then it was Jiff peanut butter…right out of the jar. (Big spoonfuls!)

Since Danielle never thinks small, she thought why not blend a bunch of nutritiously dense nuts and seeds to maximize the vitamins, minerals and proteins her boys’ little bodies need!

So she blended, perfected and fed this healthy mix to her boys until her husband, who always did the dishes (bless his heart), begged “please just buy this stuff!”

(Apparently cleaning nut butter from a food processor is a tad challenging…)



Thankfully, Danielle took the leap and launched the only nut butter that blends 7 healthy, organic nuts and seeds (and that’s it!)

So simple. So healthy. So good.
See. It’s fun to dream big!

Nuttzo Original Peanut

Today, NuttZo is blending up 2 delicious flavors – protein packed Peanut Pro and paleo friendly, non peanut Power Fuel 

…and is expanding to some other seriously delicious and healthy snacks this year (that we can’t tell you about…YET).

At NuttZo, it’s MORE than just nuts and seeds. We’re passionate about nutrient-dense, delicious snacking that fuels your body AND your life! 

Our mission is to inspire a new way of eating, living and being on this little planet. So thank YOU for helping us spread the #NuttZoLove.

We couldn’t do it without you.

NuttZo Power Fuel

PLB logo

And as always, sales of every jar of NuttZo help support NuttZo’s non-profit of choice, Project Left Behind – helping orphaned children around the world. Learn more about Project Left Behind and its annual voluntour trips here.

Shel joins NuttZo

PS. You’ll be relieved to hear that Danielle’s sister joined the company 3 years ago and the two of them are working on their Dance Fever routine in their spare time… and it’s looking pritty-damn-sharp

Never stop dreaming and always, always…


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