Where It All Began

Raised on 140 wooded acres in the middle-of-nowhere Pennsylvania
made for some pretty out-of-the-box thinking.

Big Dreams.

Danielle and her sister grew up riding horses, climbing trees and chasing big dreams.

Like running away to the redwoods in California (which they did 20 years later!).

With a father who was part pioneer + part cowboy and a fun-loving mom, bare feet and big dreams were not only accepted they were expected. And so was hard work. A lot of hard work. Danielle’s parents built their house themselves…at 24 years old!

So work was never a question. Neither was food. Not always the healthiest choices, but a love of food nonetheless.

Danielle loved to cook from a young age and was always creating and making a mess in the kitchen.

Shel Danielle Garden

Family Photo

Fast Forward 30 Years.

Danielle was still creating and making a mess of the kitchen… this time in her home in sunny San Diego, California, for her 2 boys she and her husband adopted from the Ukraine.

Now health conscious and a self-proclaimed foodie, Danielle was creating for a purpose – to super boost these small bodies which were severely nutrient deficient.

The only hitch – they were incredibly picky little boys!

Blend. Blend. Blend.

Danielle remembered her childhood favorite back on those 140 Pennsylvania acres – peanut butter! Big spoonfuls right out of the jar!

Why not blend a bunch of nutritiously dense nuts and seeds together to maximize the vitamins, minerals and proteins these little bodies needed!
So in her food processor she blended and mixed and experimented ad nauseam until a perfect nutritious mix was found.

Her husband, who always did the dishes (bless his heart), begged her to ‘just buy this stuff for gosh sake!’ (Apparently cleaning nut butter from a food processor is a tad challenging…)

The problem?
No one even came close to making a blended, nutritious nut butter.

Danielle took the leap and launched the original nut butter that blends seven nuts and seeds.

But That’s Not the End of the Story.

Today, Nuttzo is known as one of the most innovative brands in the natural food movement with a delicious line of nut and seed based products ranging from jarred nut butters, convenient travel 2go packs, and the first refrigerated snack bar with functional ingredients such as collagen, matcha and probiotics – NuttZo Bold BiteZ!

But at the heart of NuttZo is its real mission, Project Left Behind.

At the same time as starting Nuttzo, haunted by all the children she had to leave behind when she adopted her two sons from the Ukraine, Danielle founded Project Left Behind, a non-profit organization supported by portions of each sale of NuttZo.

PLB works on a project by project basis, providing resources where they are needed most to privately run children’s homes in Peru, Nepal, and India.  PLB believes in meeting the basic needs of these homes so that the focus can then be put towards creating a bright future for these children.  And most importantly, every dollar donated goes directly to the children’s homes!

AND! Each year, Project Left Behind hosts a ‘voluntour’ trip to Cusco, Peru, where volunteers have the opportunity to work in orphanages and explore beautiful Peru.

Danielle feels that she has found her life’s work, and loves living every day ‘like she means it,’ which has become her life motto.

NuttZo Products

See Them All!

Danielle and her boys

Left Behind

With your help, Project Left Behind and NuttZo have provided food, medical needs, supplies and tuition to over 200 children in Peru, Nepal, and India. Together, let’s accomplish even more!

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