At the Heart of NuttZo is its Real Mission, Project Left Behind.

Project Left Behind + NuttZo
At the same time as starting Nuttzo, haunted by all the children she had to leave behind when she adopted her two sons from Ukraine, Danielle co-founded Project Left Behind, a non-profit organization supported by portions of each sale of NuttZo.

PLB works on a project by project basis, providing resources where they are needed most to privately run children’s homes in Peru and India. PLB believes in meeting the basic needs of these homes so that the focus can then be put towards creating a bright future for these children. And most importantly, every dollar donated goes directly to the children’s homes!

Hogar Semillas de Jesus, Peru

In Urubamba, Peru 25 children receive funding for food, vital staff, education, electricity, and household supplies.

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Hogar Semillas de Jesus, Urubamba Peru

Tender Loving Care Home – India

Tender Loving Care Home, India

17 young women and girls in Hyderabad, India receive support for education, living expenses, food and water, building maintenance, and safe transportation to and from school combatting the risk of human-trafficking.

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Since 2011, NuttZo and Project Left Behind have helped raise $320,000+.

100% of these contributions have gone directly to the children and homes we support. Thank you for purchasing NuttZo and helping us spread the NuttZo Love!

Voluntour Trips

PLB Voluntour Trips

Each year, NuttZo and Project Left Behind host a one week voluntour trip to Cusco, Peru. 20 amazing women volunteer their time at the children’s home we support!

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