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Chicken Satay with Keto Butter Dipping Sauce

Author: Nuttzo

This recipe is quick, easy, healthy, and versatile! Serve it as an appetizer or pair them with a veggie side for a main course. We recommend using it as a salad dressing for a big veggie packed Thai-style salad. ENJOY! Recipe by: purposeful plate nutrition



Mix the marinade ingredients in a small bowl and pour over chicken. Marinate 2-24 hours in the refrigerator.
Add all dipping sauce ingredients except the water to a small bowl or food processor. Whisk or blend until smooth, adding hot water 1 teaspoon at a time if needed to reach your ideal consistency.
When ready to cook, spray or brush the grill grates with a heat-stable oil. Then heat your grill to high heat.
Once hot, add chicken. Turn down the grill to medium, cover, and cook for 6-8 minutes.
Flip the chicken and cook 4-6 minutes more, until cooked through. Note that time can vary quite a bit depending on the heat of your grill and the size of your chicken tenders, so keep a close eye on it to avoid drying it out.
Remove the chicken from the grill, drizzle with some sauce and serve with the remainder. Enjoy!