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We were very excited to see Danielle, our fearless Nuttzo leader, recently quoted in Deborah Mitchell’s latest Entrepreneur article! One of the first entrepreneurs running health-related businesses mentioned in the article was Danielle and how she stays more engaged and productive during her busy days! Below you can read the full article and also Danielle’s response…CONGRATS Danielle on being recognized in a great article and for sharing your tips for being successful on a daily basis in such a busy world!
Nuttzo CEO Danielle

Stop Multitasking. You’ll Get More Work Done.

One was business owner Danielle Dietz-LiVolsi, founder and president of NuttZo, a natural foods company. Dietz-LiVolsi told me that, for her, preparing for the start of the day is a great time to get focused. You can get focused when you avoid doing certain things first thing in the morning such as checking your cell phone, she said.

“Do not check your phone or email when you first wake up,” Dietz-LiVolsi said. “Wait at least 60 minutes, so you are not jumping right into a ‘reactive’ state of mind.” She said that she believes in easing into the day. She advises starting out by stretching, drinking a glass of lemon water and meditating. “You’ll notice a calmness and clarity while you do this,”she sad. “My favorite time is right after the kids go to school.

“Next, start your morning by creating a list of five people you need to email or call in the day. Start your day by working on calling/emailing [those] five people. I reach my top five on my list by 10 a.m. It’s my most productive time of day.”

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