nuttzochoc#1  All our nuts and seeds are certified organic! BOOM!

#2  7 super-healthy nuts + seeds in every bite.  Vitamins and minerals off the chart!

#3  There’s only 1g of organic sugar in the dark chocolate that we use – the other gram comes naturally from the nuts and seeds; ONLY 2 grams of sugar in 2T!

#4  It’s a complete protein. SO people, get those spoons ready! Peanuts (legumes) + nuts/seeds= a complete protein #vegan #protein source.

#5  We are the only nut butter that uses 70% Peruvian DARK chocolate. Because we know you LOVE adventure.

#6  We do not add any extra sugar or oil! Not one-hydrogenated-drop! 

#7  Omega 3 ALAs in every spoonful!  That’s some flax-alicious healthy fats for you. 


Gotta have some?  If your local store doesn’t carry, you can order your fix online here.. NOW894697002078

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