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  • Feeling the need to diversify your addiction to Nutella? If so, or if you just don’t dig on hazelnuts, you can pick up some of this tasty spread almost anywhere. A combination of 7 nuts and seeds mixed with Peruvian chocolate that’s all organic makes this a must have. The sugar content won’t be ... View Post
  • Anyone in the New England area knows yesterday was yet another snow storm! I left work early in what will hopefully be the last snow storm of this year and quickly changed into sweatpants to relax at home for the afternoon. Boyfriend and I are currently house-hunting, so we spent some time snugg... View Post
  • Much of my life as a teenager was spent as a cookie kind of girl, you know the type, a little pudgy around the middle and desperately seeking sugar! Thank goodness those days are behind me. After almost 30 years of eating mostly plants, my desire for sugary treats is not nearly as strong as it w... View Post