NuttZo Super Shots

2 jars NuttZo PF
1 jar NuttZo CHOC
1 heaping TBL Cacao powder
½ T Vanilla powder
½ C Coconut sugar
1/3 C Coconut flour
¼ C melted Cacao butter
1T Maca powder
½ C melted Coconut oil
¼ C Coconut mana
3T Mesquite powder
1T Lucuma powder
2T Rainbow superfood smoothie mix

Blend in VitaMix and then pour into silicone candy trays. Pop them in the freezer. Once frozen place them in a glass air tight storage container and put in the freezer. They will melt easily so you need to eat them while they are cold. My kids love to pop them in their mouth and keep on rollin on out the door to karate or baseball.

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