NuttZo Banana Chocolate Bites | NuttZo Test Kitchen

We went back into the NuttZo Test Kitchen – and yes, these do taste as good as they look! Here are step by step directions on how to make these NuttZo Banana Chocolate Bites! Yummy!


½ cup 70% Organic Dark Chocolate

1 Organic Frozen Banana

½ cup Original Crunchy NuttZo

2 Tbsp HempHearts Raw Shell Hemp Seeds


Place chocolate in a bowl and melt in the microwave or stove until liquefied.

Put spoonful of melted chocolate on parchment paper and repeat 6 times. Let sit in freezer until hard.

Slice the frozen banana ½ inch – 1 inch and place on top of chocolate. Add Original Crunchy Nuttzo on the banana until it covers the top. Place in freezer until hard.

Pour another spoonful of chocolate on top of the banana. Place in freezer until hard.

Now add even more chocolate drizzle on top of the frozen chocolate. Sprinkle some hemp seeds and cocoa powder on top if desired.

Freeze slightly and then enjoy!

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