Anyone in the New England area knows yesterday was yet another snow storm! I left work early in what will hopefully be the last snow storm of this year and quickly changed into sweatpants to relax at home for the afternoon. Boyfriend and I are currently house-hunting, so we spent some time snuggled on the couch looking for places before deciding we needed a snack! And by snack, I mean dessert. Before dinner. We decided on donuts, but wanted healthy-ish ones, so I did a quick Pinterest search and came across this recipe from Shannon. It was exactly what I was looking for, except for the coconut flour/flakes. Boyfriend loves all things coconut, but I hate coconut. Yuck! But the recipe was still a winner because it calls for not one, but two types of Nuttzo! So I made some tweaks to her recipe (ditching all coconut!) and put boyfriend to work in the kitchen while I squeezed in a 45-minute online yoga class. I say it all the time, but I’m obsessed with and love being able to get a good stretch in anytime, anywhere. If you need an at-home yoga option, I highly recommend it.

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