Cheeseburger with NuttZo Sauce|

As I got in my car and turned the radio on, I found out today is National Cheeseburger Day. I had planned on cooking some scrumptious chocolate chip cookies, but pushed those off for tomorrow. How could I make anything but a cheeseburger on National Cheeseburger Day?

Personally, I have never understood the hype about cheeseburgers. Maybe it’s the greasiness that I cannot stomach, or maybe it’s my occasional distaste for red meat? Whatever my subconscious reason, you won’t catch me waiting in line at a sports stadium game to order one. But, throw on some lavish toppings, a really great sauce and change the beef to anything else, and sign me up! Turkey, chicken, lamb, pork and even ostrich burgers are delicious. It is amazing how many different ways you can make a burger, and a tasty one at that. Kelly asked me, “What is the difference between a burger and a sandwich?” There is room for debate in the culinary world as to what separates the two. Is it the type of bread, the meat, the toppings, the cooking style or all of the above? The term hamburger originated in Hamburg, Germany and has nothing to do with ham. The burger consisted of a beef patty in between a bun sliced in two. To me, a burger is a patty, meat or veggie, in between a type of bread, whereas a sandwich is everything else. “Some people argue that veggie patties can never be burgers.” What do you think?

This burger is perfect for fall. The apples and the sage bring depth and flavor to this burger, and the sauce adds a sweet and salty component that ties the dish together. Have you ever eaten at a Thai restaurant and tried peanut sauce? Peanut butter lovers beware, you will want to devour the sauce all on its own, and it is that good! The coconut milk helps to loosen up the thickness from the nut butter and adds a creaminess to the sauce. My mouth is salivating as I type.

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