Women In Business

  • SDVoyager NuttZo Feature - Meet Danielle Dietz-LiVolsi

    Thank you SDVoyager for highlighting NuttZo and our CEO Danielle, the story behind the brand, and why NuttZo is unique! Do you know why NuttZo is unique and what differentiates NuttZo from any other brand on the market? Here’s why: “We were the first nut butter brand to blend multiple nuts and s... View Post
  • 23 Woman-Owned Food Products - Self

    In honor of International Women’s Day SELF put together a list of 23 Woman – Owned Food Products. We were so honored to be included amongst so many delicious and healthy products, that are all run by women who we respect and know well. “If you’re looking for small, everyday ways to support women... View Post
  • Reuniting Women In The Workplace While Learning "to be NuttZo" - Forbes

    Thank you Shavon Lindley and Forbes for featuring our fearless leader and CEO Danielle in your recent series of articles that highlights women who propel women forward and upward, personally and professionally. Danielle definitely embodies each of these six common pillars of leadership: Owning H... View Post