• Fight For It Podcast with Danielle Livolsi

    Our fearless leader, Danielle Livolsi recently did a podcast with Scott Papek Media that just is LIVE! if you have some time, make sure to listen and learn more about Danielle’s story and the NuttZo story. You can listen to the full podcast HERE! If you have ever wondered what it is like to start... View Post
  • Strong Girl Sisterhood Workshop Teams Up with NuttZo

    The lovely ladies of the University of Arizona’s sororities have featured NuttZo during their Strong Girl Sisterhood Workshop and Workout! The Strong Girl Workshop is a fun, interactive night for women to reflect on themselves, and discuss steps to live stronger, happier, and better lives. Other ... View Post
  • Bestowed Certified

    We are so excited for NuttZo to receive the Bestowed certification this year! Bestowed is a monthly subscription snack box and online health food store that only carries Bestowed certified products, all certified by their team of nutritionist, health experts, and the Bestowed founder, Heather Bau... View Post