Blissful Bites podcast

We were honored to be asked by the talented Nicole Culver to do a podcast for Blissful Bites!

Nicole is a wife, a Mom, a small business owner, and health coach. She does it all and with such enthusiasm and passion. We were honored that she included our fearless leader Danielle in her most recent podcast. Nicole Culver

Her passion is to help women live a life that they are completely happy with, whether that means reaching their health and fitness goals, or starting their own business. She helps women figure out how to make healthy living work for them. She guides them to figure out how to make taking care of themselves a priority because you have to put yourself first in order to happily take care of everyone else. She also has an organic, gluten free granola company Blissful Eats, where I make it easy to choose healthy, delicious good-for-you foods. And she works with women to set goals and figure out first steps for their business ideas to create a life they are completely happy with.

Take some time today to listen to this great podcast with our fearless leader Danielle! ENJOY!

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