We LOVE hearing from you! We LOVE when you share the #NuttzoLove! It makes us so happy to know how much you LOVE our product! We recently received this wonderful email from a #NuttzoFanatic and we knew we had to not only share it, but we realized it is time to share these testimonials…We could not do it without all of YOU! Thank you Suzanne for sharing this with us!

Hi there, 

I just want to share, that I recently learned of your product when a friend of mine was sharing some weight loss success with me over the phone.  She off-handedly mentioned that she eats NuttZo, “that nut butter at Whole Foods”, and went on about her story, (which had nothing to do with NuttZo!).  I’m always on the lookout for good and healthy things, so I jotted it down as she went on about her gym routine, etc.  The next time I was at Whole Foods, I looked for NuttZo and bought it.

I don’t normally write to companies, but I had to share with you that I LOVE NUTTZO!  I think this product is one of the greatest things on earth since sliced bread and ON sliced bread!  I have never been a huge nut butter fan; I mean I like it and will eat it on occasion, but NuttZo is different.  It is so delicious and addicting, but in a good way!

In any event, I am writing to let you know that I love this product and ask that you never stop making it, and don’t change it!!  I have tried two varieties so far and will try them all eventually.

Thank you for NuttZo!

Suzanne D.

Pompano Beach, FL#NuttzoFan

Here is Suzanne’s favorite #Nuttzo smoothie:

“I will tell you that I made a healthy drink with it that I’ve been telling everyone about, so I can give you the very simple recipe:  Using my extractor blender, I fill the cup with a handful of frozen strawberries, a large kale leaf, stalk and all, water, a generous tablespoon of NuttZo and half an avocado.  It’s really delicious and the avocado gives it the creaminess and smoothness of a milkshake, without the sugar and dairy!  The avocado mellows out the sweetness, so adding additional things like honey, agave or stevia, of course is allowed! It keep my blood sugar really stable.”

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