We always say ‘NuttZo is more than just a bunch of nuts and seeds’.

Way back when NuttZo was being mixed and blended in Danielle’s food processor, she was thinking about ‘more’ – doing more, living more and reaching MORE.

She wanted to do something meaningful. Something that would make an impact. {read more about Danielle’s non-profit here.}

TJulia_Hanlonoday, we’re excited to highlight one of our amazing brand ambassadors, Julia Hanlon (@runningonom). Julia is doing more, living more and reaching MORE in her own way by spending an entire trimester in Ethiopia this winter.

From mid October 2014 to mid February 2015, she will work and live with the Yaya Girls in Sululta, Ethiopia. She will be teaching English, gender empowerment, yoga and mindfulness practices, health and nutrition, and leading easy runs.

In order for young Ethiopian women to attend the Yaya Girls Program and to support her work there, she’s looking for help raising donations for her campaign. She needs to raise $5000 by September 24th (only 8 days away!). This money will go towards funding 4 girls for a trimester and also pay for food, supplies, and equipment.

Please see her donation page with more info and video: http://startsomegood.com/empoweryayagirls

More about the program:

The Yaya Girls Program is a non-profit working to empower Ethiopian young women through running and education. Our trimester program seeks to create a new class of Ethiopian female role models that will promote gender equality throughout Ethiopia and increase the agency of hundreds of girls across the country.


The girls in Ethiopia doing a dynamic warmup before a run.

















About Julia Hanlon

“Hi, I am Julia Hanlon, creator of Running On Om, yoga teacher, long-distance runner, podcast host, and Nuttzo addict. As a long-time vegan, nut butters are a mainstay of my diet. When I discovered Nuttzo, I was in awe at how delicious my favorite nuts tasted when combined. As a 500-hour yoga teacher and competitive long-distance runner, nutrition is paramount to my health and strength, and in turn Nuttzo is a daily part of my diet. Lastly, I have a passion for sharing wellness and started my Running On Om blog, to serve as a platform for my podcast, food/nutrition posts, running, and yoga adventures– you can find many Nuttzo-infused recipes on Running On Om!”

Follow Julia:
Website: www.runningonom.com
Instagram: www.instagram.com/runningon0m
Facebook: www.facebook.com/runningonom
Twitter: @runningonom: www.twitter/com/runningonom
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/runningonom

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