Why Organic?

Your body is constantly trying to filter out toxins in the environment.  It’s a rather vast list if you really sit down and think about all the ways your body can be introduced to icky pesticides, herbicides, preservatives, pollution, etc. Digesting them and absorbing them topically through your skin are the two biggest ways to have toxins introduced into your fine-tuned body. I have a lot of people ask me why I eat organic. There are two main reasons: to limit the amount of harmful toxins my body takes in and to help sustain a healthy and balanced environment.

Expense is usually one of the biggest hurdles for people to cross when comparing items that are conventionally grown and manufactured versus organically grown. One of the chief reasons you’ll pay more for organic foods is that there are more labor-intense cost factors associated with farming organic.  Organic farmers don’t use herbicides to fight weeds, so hand picking them becomes the best alternative, along with mulching rows of crops. Organic farmers also avoid chemical fertilizers and opt for compost and manure, which are heavier and more expensive to ship. Conventional farmers will use every single acre to grow crops, while organic farmers rotate their crops to keep the soil healthier, producing less crop yield to sell. Also, organic farmers will have smaller crop yields because of natural pests that can hamper the end harvest.

Conventional versus organic: A profound study by Chensheng Lu in Seattle, Washington, reviewed pesticide levels in Mercer Island children when they ate conventional produce and then switched to organic. He studied 21 children from ages 3 to 11. The results were astounding; when the children ate conventional produce, their urine and saliva tests showed biological markers of organophosphates, the family of pesticides spawned by the creation of nerve gas agents in World War II. Yes, that’s correct.  When the same 21 children switched to organic produce, there were no signs of pesticides found within 8 to 36 hours of switching.

Where your weight is: Have you tried to lose weight, but find that either you can’t or if you do it comes right back? Toxins are stored in your fat cells and a lot of healthcare professionals believe that unless you detox your body and stop absorbing toxins through your foods, etc., you’ll gain back any weight you lose because it’s your body’s way of protecting itself by segregating toxins away from your vital organs, cells, etc.

ADHD?: a new study has just come out linking pesticides with ADHD (click here)

To top it off, organic just tastes better. It really does. If you’re having a hard time eating that conventional gargantuan shiny red apple, maybe it’s because it’s not organic? Hmmm.

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