Announcing Projects For Project Left Behind 2009

Announcing Projects for Project Left Behind 2009

2009 has been a year of many changes for me.  One of my high points has been to make my dreams come to fruition.  NuttZo finally hit the store shelves in April 2009.  This event was very meaningful because it was one step closer to my ultimate goal of changing the world one nut at a time- paying it forward to orphans around the world.  Near and dear to my heart, the Project Left Behind Foundation just announced the 5 projects that will be supported for 2009.  How exciting!  Checkout all 5 projects.  We are very dedicated to planting a seed of hope.  Won’t you join us?

Here’s my project: On my last day at the Aishworya Orphanage I witnessed a scene that will stay with me forever.   Eachmorning after their chores, the 38 children living at the orphanage would getthemselves ready for school and although they had their own uniforms they didnot have their own shoes.  Shoes were first come first serve.  Adarling seven year old little girl (who always had a smile on her face)had on a pair of shoes that were ”well worn” but not broken. Another child with smaller feet could not wear a pair of shoes with a brokenstrap so the seven year old little girl had to give up her school shoes for thesmaller child.  On our walk to school I could hear the 7 year old littlegirl behind me crying softly.   It absolutely broke my heart to see a childforced to wear a pair of two sizes too large, broken shoes to school.   This was especiallyhard to watch when all the children there held their schoolwork and studying insuch high regard and with such pride.  Nochild should have to ever go to school with two sizes too large, broken shoes.  –DanielleLiVolsi

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