I am an international customer. How can I order NuttZo?

What is the NuttZo return policy?

Why have I not received my order?

How much are shipping and handling fees per order?

Where is NuttZo sold in stores?

Why does NuttZo cost so much?

Why is there oil at the bottom of my jar?

Why is the label on upside down?

Who is the owner and founder?

How did NuttZo start?

Where does a portion of NuttZo's sales go to?

Is NuttZo certified organic?

Is NuttZo certified Kosher?

Is NuttZo PowerFuel made in a peanut-free facility?

Is NuttZo gluten and soy free and/or vegan?

What are the benefits of Omega 3 Fatty Acids?

Are the peanuts, nuts, and seeds roasted or raw?

How do I store my nut butter?

Why is my NuttZo different in chunkiness and texture?

Why do I see white in my NuttZo Chocolate?

Where do our nuts and seeds come from?

Does your company store my credit card info?

Why is my NuttZo different in texture and chunkiness?

All peanuts, nuts, and seeds

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