You know you’re a NuttZo fanatic when…

You eat NuttZo everyday… and most of the time right out of the jar.

You run out of spoons long before you do forks or knives.

You feel a sense of panic when you realize you’re nearing the end of a jar.

You don’t share it with anyone else in your house.

You’ve made your own single serving packet by putting NuttZo in a ziplock bag.

You have it hidden in a secret place.

You’ve opened a brand new jar of NuttZo in your car on the way home from the grocery store.

You put your name on the lid of the jar, in permanent black ink, so no one eats out of your jar.

It’s the first thing you think about when you wake up and before you go to bed at night.

You give NuttZo as a gift.

You’ve told yourself that you have to stop talking about NuttZo to your friends because they are starting to look concerned.

You have seriously thought about using NuttZo as a face mask.

You’ve tried to get a “NUTTZO” personal license plate but found out that it’s already taken at the DMV.

If you take the last jar on the shelf,  you have to tell the store manager to order more before you leave the store.

You actually carry NuttZo with you…to work, in the car, to the gym.

You’ve thought about making a run to the store…just for a jar of NuttZo.

You know what #LLYMI means.

Your friends would classify you as one or more of the following: original, authentic, a leader, a trail-blazer, a game-changer.

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